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CryptoTron is a colour based short message encryption system. He eats characters and spits out colours! If you want to send a confidential message, CryptoTron is ready for your bits!

Our word eating robot makes sure that your secure message never touches our server. The message is only visible is at the point you input it and the point it is read. All we store is the ID of your message, and the 4x4 key grid you used to encrypt it.

Please make sure you burn your message after reading. CryptoTron really likes fire! This deletes any trace at all that your message existed within CryptoTron. He won't be able to decode it again, destructive so and so!

CryptoTron provides what I would call RPG level message protection (Really Pretty Good). There are several people actively trying to crack it as we speak so we can test how strong he really is! If you think you can crack a CryptoTron message, please let us know!